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September 23, 2008

Busy Part II

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I have been quite busy.  My last post about the work I was doing related to the name resolution issues my employer had.  I work on site for a global financial services company as a contractor.  I work on various projects covering various computing specialties.  A brief bit about my background  I was originally trained to be a telephone switchboard repairman for the USMC.  I quickly diversified to reparing radios, computers, lan’s, etc.  I became a cleanup guy for various technical issues.  I also quickly realized that repairing the root cause has much better and more definitive results than treating symptoms.  Since much of the root cause is based in “how” technology gets employed for various issues, it only made sense to move to those areas of the IT business. I moved on to the civilian world and got into a new field (at the time) – email. I love it. It has all the technical and people issues that keep me happy.

Now?  I also work on technical issues ranging from desktop standardization to name resolution to email issues.  In fairness, the company I’m working at right now has a good messaging team that handles the overall environment.  My interaction is more advisory (sounding board) and looking out for the interests of my business unit. I also have a lot to do with the Active Directory use and implementation as well as the unix integration work. I work with various products including tools from Quest, NetApp, RSA, and many others to help drive technology forward and solve business needs.  I also work to identify and fix process issues because as I mentioned above, the root is the best place to solve many of the technology issues faced by companies I’ve seen.

So, on to the DNS issues. 

DNS was an issue because the primary forward zone was set to only allow authenticated updates.  The reverse was, however, set to allow anyone.  Since the majority of the hosts were not in the same realm as the forward zone, most failed to update their records.  That led enterprising technical personnel from various business units to adopt unsanctioned workarounds to get their jobs done.  I’d have done the same for what it’s worth. Unfortunately, it did not help the name resolution issues. 

I worked with many of the business units to migrate their workstations to the primary Active Directory domain.  I also worked to help them change their process to adjust to their “new” domain.  I also worked to idenfity the issues with DNS/DHCP and how to fix them.  A co-worker and I worked with the vendor to better understand the cycles needed and I also wrote code to fix permissions and report on the status of the updates. 

To date, it’s working much better. We still need to go after the network and server outsourcers to adjust their process, but for now, we have stability restored.  We also have a working implementation (for now) of name resolution.


Network is next. We need to get them to true up their processes on a global scale.

I’ll keep you posted as to how that goes.


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