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February 4, 2009

Don’t Give Up

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I found this poem today. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my sister and I would fight.  Later she tells me that she remembers those fights and how she was just about to give up when I gave up.  That meant a lot to me later such as when in boot camp.  Many times, when I was just about to give up, I would remember her saying that and keep on. 

It always worked out somehow…


Whatever you do, don’t give up
When nothing in your life is going right, when problems
torment you and money worries surround you…
Rest if you need to, but whatever you do, don’t give up.

When too many mistakes have been committed, when your entire universe
threatens to crumble and, exhausted, you feel your confidence ebbing away…
Rest if you need to, but whatever you do, don’t give up.

You know, life is strange sometimes, with its share of surprises and unforeseen
events, and it is not given to us to know in advance how far we will have to
travel or how many obstacles we will have to overcome in order to achieve
happiness and success.

Think of how many people stopped fighting, when perhaps all it would have
taken was just one more tiny step to transform failure into success. And yet,
one step at a time is never that difficult.

So you must have the courage and the tenacity to take
that tiny step more, knowing that life is a great and powerful friend that is
always there by your side, ready to help.
You will soon find that this attitude will summon up, from the deepest part
of yourself, life forces that you never even suspected and that will help you to
achieve what you undertake.

But, first and foremost, remember:
When, in your life, difficult moments arise…
Rest if you need to, but whatever you do, don’t give up.

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