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August 5, 2012

Olympics 2012 – August 5

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August 5th, 2012
There always seems to be a lesson somewhere.  Really? Today’s lesson was to ignore the online travel guides from London’s travel site that give

you a journey guide.  The journey guide tells you what route to take to get to your destination.  Right.  Shouldn’t have listened.  We went

WAYYYY out of our way to get to the Royal Arsenal.  Got there about an hour later than the start. 

As it turns out, that worked out perfectly.  The first event we saw was skeet shooting.  Fun, but we got there at the end of the qualifiers.  So

we went over to see the 50m men’s pistol.  Interesting.  They spend two hours, best of 60 shots.  At 150 feet, they have a 12 inch target and

they get scored based on how close (by cm) to the center.  Yikes.  It was actually more interesting to get there at the last half of that.  To

top that off, the IOC didn’t have enough spectators that bought finals tickets, so they let everyone there go in.  Good news for us since we got

to see the finals and medals ceremony.  Very nice.

We found our way back to Picadilly for a pint and a snack, then back to the hotel. 

All in all, a very nice time.  A little quieter today, but very nice. 

Oh, and I found out what Yorkshire pudding is.  Umm.. Ok.  The hotel we are staying at pride themselves on proper English food.  Lucky for us to

be here 🙂

Looking forward to sightseeing and popping over to tea with the Queen.  Hope she knows I’m too young for her 😉 



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