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August 6, 2012

Olympics 2012 – August 6

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August 6, 2012
Westminster.  Today we went to see Westminster Abbey.  Took the walking self tour.  They gave us little phone like devices to listen to various

historical facts.  For the Olympics, they also have groups of young folks putting on dances from around the world out on the lawn.  Kind of like

a carnival.  Really is a lot of fun. 
Before going, I bought some London Passes.  The London Pass gives us access to all kinds of attractions and discounts on others.  After looking

at it a little closer, we have access to the river tours.  Yay!  Tomorrow we’ll take the river tours and see if we can find the changing of the

guards or stop off for a spot of tea with the queen. 

Speaking of the queen, we saw some pictures of her at Westminster.  They had her life in pictures since she was 11.  She was very pretty as a

princess and England does love their royalty! 

We also took a detour.  Wrong direction on the tube.  Ended up on Carnaby Street.  Cool, but it was a lot like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 

Lots of little posh shops (notice the new use of the word; I’m learning the lingo, yeah?).  It was fun though.  Interesting to see. 

Hoping to take a river tour or two tomorrow and possibly to Harrod’s for tea if the queen is busy. 




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